Business focused IT advice and Cloud technology for SMEs - for forward thinking companies that want more than just IT


Vistanda is a cloud-based, fully managed IT service, specifically focused on the needs of SMEs. Uniquely, this service aligns your business goals with today’s technology solutions giving your business the agility and flexibility it needs to grow – all for an affordable fixed monthly payment.

Security and compliance

Managed IT Security

With our specific industry knowledge and background in security and compliance issues, we can help decide how best to avoid data risks. Our virtual security team can provide by instantly detecting changes that may be malicious or accidental.

Everyone in the IT industry is talking about cloud computing, but there is still confusion about what the cloud actually is. Let us simplify this by providing self-service interfaces that let you acquire technology resources at any time and get rid of them the instant they are no longer needed.

If organisations continue to do business as usual, they will face eroding margins, increased operational complexity, risk, and underleveraged partnerships. We will work with you to evaluate your business model to ensure you can deliver more value through simple technology changes.

Vistanda IT Managed Service packages provide an opportunity to work in partnership to drive innovation around the opportunities presented by the shift towards cloud. We provide the means to ensure critical or budget-constrained services are available, achieving value for money and delivering financial and service benefits.

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