Compass Underwriting
(Hosted, Managed Service)

Compass is a leading independent underwriting agency that develops, underwrites and administers insurance schemes for intermediaries and insurers. The business acts as a specialist product designer, on behalf of various FSA &/or EU approved insurers for a wide range of insurance products including: PA & Sickness / Income Protection; Group PA Business Protection; Payment Protection; GAP and Xs Waiver amongst others.

The IT and technology had organically grown with the company since inception but as the business grew, a number of new challenges were arising: the need for investment e.g. a like for like refresh; a need for greater resilience and improved future proof delivery within the solution, an ambition collaborate online with existing & future clients, and a desire to introduce less capital hungry technologies (eg Private CLOUD and Virtualisation).

Compass believed they had outgrown their current IT provider and that going forward, they needed a company that could provide them with greater choice and flexibility, superior customer service, a single point of contact rather than multiple, as well as solutions and processes that could accommodate their growth. Vistanda was appointed with the understanding that we offered the skills to support these needs with the capability to grow alongside them as their needs changed.

Our work included:

  • Building the programme of change and communicating it in an easy to understand manner, giving the client team increased confidence
  • Designing a programme that would deliver the changes incrementally to avoid "big bang", but quickly enough to expose benefits.
  • Creating a programme that built resilience, included more recovery capability and prevented unnecessary downtime
  • Moving critical data offsite and securing critical information
  • Establishing cloud based email system
  • Providing the building blocks for future online relationship management and service delivery to be conducted
  • Rationalising the supplier base to reduce complexity and increase efficiencies

Benefits delivered

  • Since being on the Vistanda Managed Services program, Compass have not experienced any disruptions and their IT
  • Increased security for users in remote capabilities, knowing that any issue arising is only a phone call or email away from resolution.
  • Desk top support and remote capabilities means downtime is minimised.

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