(Hosted Email / Backup)

Our client is a leading independent specialist healthcare provider with over 15 years experience in the market. They provide insurance broking services to thousands of satisfied customers.

As in so many businesses today, the email system needed to work 100% of the time, and if it didnít they needed to know there was a contingency and also to have the confidence that the system could be restored at any point. The thought of being dragged down the traditional path of upgrading hardware and software yet again was singularly unattractive so Vistanda were selected to provide their CLOUD based email hosting and backup services.

Our work included:

  • Leading the project and change process
  • Designing and provisioning of the end-2-end email solution and migrating PH onto a customised CLOUD Hosted Exchange system
  • Constructing a simple commercial plan that allows for monthly payments.
  • Anytime email access and on any device
  • All previous e-mail boxes were redirected to one new single e-mail box, removing the possibility for lost or overlooked e-mails
  • Removal of legacy multiple e-mail platforms to maintain communication with their clients

Benefits delivered

  • Scalable and affordable monthly per head subscription instead of a huge initial capital outlay
  • The improved performance of Exchange Server 2010
  • Automatic back-up of Exchange mailboxes (no more tyranny of the tapes)
  • Vastly improved anti-spam and anti-virus control
  • No more 3rd party email accounts but a single email source representing the business brand

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