Our Services

Roadmap Planning:

Intelligent IT facilitates business growth and improves customer experience. However we understand that knowing which direction to take, and what needs to happen and when in order to get there, can seem like a disruptive and time consuming challenge.

Our team of experienced Infrastructure Consultants can assess where your business is at right now and work with your team members to identify where it needs to be. We then create an IT roadmap which provides you with the know-how to implement incremental stages seamlessly when you are ready - stripping away all of the hassle normally associated with IT change and allowing you instead to focus on all of the benefits.

Cloud Readiness Assessment :

Whether it is technology providers, IT forums or your colleagues, everyone everywhere is speaking about the “Cloud” (or simply put - IT services hosted by someone else and delivered to you through the internet).

Whilst the benefits are numerous, (no installation hassle, automatic upgrades, remote maintenance and lower price tags) it is vital to ensure that your business is ready for the change. Our team of Infrastructure Consultants can conduct a ‘Cloud readiness assessment’ to identify what is needed for you to make this move successfully.

Network & IT Security:

We offer a range of remote management tools adapted from large enterprise set-ups that provide early warnings or deal with actual problems before they affect your staff. This essentially provides an early warning system for fault finding - our aim is to fix faults before they escalate, preventing your systems from failing and avoiding costly downtime Your IT security is our concern - all server, desktop patches, firewalls and other security devices can be fully managed.

You can rest assured that your company is minimising the risks associated with issues such as maintaining client data, credit card numbers, and sensitive competitive information.

Storage, backup & disaster recovery for business continuity:

We provide on-site or remote hosted Cloud based backup for all your business data We check backups on a daily basis to ensure that you'll never run out of space, and that your data is safe.

Remote maintenance tools and out-of-hours scheduled tasks are designed not to impact your business.

Website design and hosting:

We offer website design & hosting services, from simple presence pages to complex transactional websites.

Vistanda utilises two of the UK's leading ISO 270001 and PCI DSS accredited Data Centre environments.

Cloud Email & Application Hosting:

Comprehensive email & application hosting service offered to allow you to keep up to date with the latest software applications and use them as you require.

Ability to access up-to-date business critical information via mobile phone, laptop or web browser, regardless of where you are.

Our email solutions range from very simple single mailbox set-up to more complex hosted end to end solutions.

Mobile support services:

As an add-on to our hosted email service we also offer mobile e-mail support. Vistanda can help you to understand the devices and contract options available. We can help you assess and choose the most favourable deals to suit your business.

User & Application Support:

Our support service offers you access to a remote team of analysts and support engineers with the experience and know-how to take care of your systems If appropriate to your business operations, we can enable remote staff working from home to have access to all the voice and data applications that your office-based staff use We operate a customised online ticketing system so you can monitor progress of any incidents / problems.

Customer service monitoring and reporting process is built in. We provide a service that allows you to rate our performance both against the contract SLAs and your end users perceptions of our performance. We provide a weekly check-in and monthly service performance dashboard report Our aim is to resolve any incidents remotely, as this keeps your costs low. However we know is that it is equally important for engineers and account managers to visit our clients' offices from time to time, and we schedule this in agreement with our clients.